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Cracking JEE is not an easy task and it requires constant hard work and support. I thank DISHA CLASSES and all the faculty members especially J B Gupta Sir for their never ending support. They have helped me to conquer this feat of excellence by providing constant guidance and emotional support.
Rishab Goyal
When I wished to crack IIT‐JEE after my 10th class, my parents seemed apprehensive, at first, towards my choice. But later on, when I joined DISHA CLASSES , my aptitude , caliber & my zeal to learn grew steadily. And as a result, today , I am ready join the top‐most engineering institute of our country. This has all been made possible because of the contribution of the highly dedicated faculty at DISHA.
Rajat Jain
Getting into IIT is a dream for all engineering aspirants. I too shared the same dream. In this journey I came in Touch with Disha Classes which gave a major boost to my preparations. The faculty here lays serious stress on building basic concepts and curriculum is in sync with latest JEE pattern. I express my heartfelt gratitude to my teachers JB Gupta Sir and Akhilesh Sir without whose constant support I wouldn't have been able to live my dream.
I owe my success in JEE to my teachers at DISHA CLASSES who provided me with proper coaching & guidance, my parents who provided me with perfect atmosphere at home and were a source of constant motivation, and above all to Almighty. With out their help and support, I would have never been able to achieve this feat. The classes and test series held there are at par with JEE latest trend which makes DISHA CLASSES stand out of the crowd. I express my heartiest thanks to faculty at DISHA for leading me to IIT.
I joined Disha Classes right after my 10 Board exams and was a part of their two year regular program. I am very delighted that I made that decision because the faculty of Disha Classes groomed my skills to the utmost level and made me able enough to crack JEE. The individual and personal attention provided by J.B sir kept me focused the whole 2 years and made me rectify my mistakes and short comings. I am humbled and happy that I joined Disha Classes.
I am really thankful to Disha Classes for my success in JEE Advance. I am especially grateful to JB Gupta Sir who supported and guided me throughout my preparation. The lectures and study material covered every topic in detail from the basics. The tests were exactly of the JEE level and helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses Emphasis was given on making concepts clear and that is why I was also able to score good marks in my Board Exams. I owe my success in JEE Mains and Advance and CBSE Board Exams to Disha Classes.
I am Adit Aggarwal, a student of 1 year program at Disha Classes. The teachers at Disha Classes were very supportive and were a major force behind my rank in IIT-JEE, JB Gupta Sir guided me in Physics and improved my concepts from the root itself. I thank Disha Classes for helping me clear IIT-JEE without their guidance it would not have been possible.
I am Sharad Maheshwari, AIR-146 {JEE 2011} a student of 2 year batch at DISHA INSTITUTE. I Owe my success to the excellent faculty & a very conducive environment. I am particularly Indebted to Sh. JB Gupta Sir, who not only guided me all throughout but helped in my moral boosting when I felt low. The mentoring in this institute has a personal touch where everyone is taken care. Wish the institute continues to provide excellent faculty support to the aspiring students.
I thank Disha Classes and Sh. JB. Gupta sir for his never ending support and guidance in helping me crack IIT-JEE 2012. The individual and personal attention provided by Sh. JB. Gupta sir cleared my concepts of difficult topics and kept me focused on the subject. His valuable help made me rectify me mistakes and shortcomings.
The dream of cracking IIT-JEE and getting good rank in AIEEE came true. I want to thank DISHA CLASSES & all faculty members especially J.B Sir and Akhilesh Sir. After my 10th classes I joined Disha Classes for two year regular programme and it proved to be the best choice for me because whatever I am and whatever I have achieved it is all because of J.B. Sir who always motivated me during would not have been possible for me to make my dream come true without he proper guidance and motivation of J.B Sir because I would I stand now without the help from the very beginning of the preparation till the end.
I Tushar Sharma was a student of 2 year batch at Disha Classes. I would like to thank the faculty members at Disha Classes for their constant motivation and providing a friendly environment for my studies. Clearing competitive exams is a tough task but it became enjoyable here at Disha Classes.
At DISHA CLASSES I developed an analytical approach to any problem...... J.B. GUPTA sir gave me full support throughout my preparations and guided me to success in IIT-JEE....... I was a student of two year classroom program and had no difficulties in appearing for board exams......
I Joined Disha classes in Classes XI and I felt that my decision was a great one because I got expert guidance from the highly qualified and supportive faculty at DISHA CLASSES for cracking IT-JEE and AIEE. The teaching and testing techniques here are brilliant. It was in all a great learning experience. I owe my success in IIT-JEE and AIEEE to Disha Classes.
I m highly thankful to my teachers at Disha Classes. Without their support this wouldn't have been possible. I have been a regular student of Disha Classes, and I never missed any class or test, even if it was to be conducted in morning hours. My effort was always to complete the work in time assigned to me in every class. I didn't attend any coaching classes upto class X board exams, but joining Disha classes has proved to be a great decision for me, as the classroom lectures were very focused and conceptual. The class coverage at Disha is immense to be replaced by self-study or coaching at any other place.
I had joined "Two Year Regular Program" at Disha Classes. I feel delighted that I scored such good ranks though I used to consider myself just an above average student when I joined Disha. I wasn't very studious till class X, but as I joined the two year program, my study pattern entirely changed. The lectures were made so interesting and easy to understand by the teachers that I felt highly motivated to study more and more. The teachers at Disha are conceptually very clear and strong, as they not only cover but make students understand the (basic & advanced) concepts with great ease.
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Creating an enduring and strategic plan for the IIT-JEE (JEE Main and Advanced), NEET & AIIMS , BIT-SAT, NTSE & JSTSE through excellent lectures, the most updated relevant & exhaustive notes testing the students learning through systematic assignments and test and generating a healthy and tough competition among our own students through the test to strive for the best.

10000 +

More than 10,000 students secured marks in 95+ in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology in Xll Boards

5000 +

More than 5,000 selections in IITs, NITs, BITs, DCE (DTU), NSUT (NSIT), AIIMS, MAULANA AZAD, LADY HARDING and other top level Medical and Engineering Colleges

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More than 300 students sent in IITs

Our students achieved All India highest marks in Physics in JEE MAINS, IIT-JEE , DCE and AIEEE

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