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MD’s Message

Dear Students,

During my long career of imparting training for JEE (Main & Advance), I have come across so many students who eventually were successful in their quest for a coveted seat in an IIT or other prestigious engineering colleges. During initial interactions I assessed, some of them were hard working and bright from the beginning but many of them were not having a habit of hard work in the beginning and hence were not performing that well in school examinations (even if they were performing in the school they could hardly apply their knowledge to answer the analytical questions), though they had desire to do something great. I analyzed that the gap between their desire and the performance was due to the pattern of their working. Why they were not taking that much of interest in the school syllabus, was due the fact that they were not able to relate the school curriculum from what was being taught in the coaching institute.The way different teachers develop a subject is their own perception towards the subject and it's knowledge.

This differs in every individual (teacher). Their way of expressioin is also different, although the subject (Topic) is same. The content and its depth also differ. At Disha Classes the very first thing we do is to relate our subject content to the school contents. We Stress that Through our content every question of school exams can be answered and we make it understand to our students. This reduces the double burden. this way students feel school sylabus and the competition preparation coherent. They feel the objective and the essence of the subject matter prescribed by the NCERT.

We at Disha changed their pattern of working and they discovered a new way of doing the things.

They became so interested about it that not only they succeeded in IIT-JEE and other engineering entrance exams, through this preparation they developed a good command over most of the school syllabus (through applications) and that helped them to score very high score in the school examination also. IIT-JEE is not tough. It is all about your perception and the way of accomplishing a task.

There are students who try to mug up the subject without understanding and hence lack in the application of what they learn. This also results in poor retention and further weakening the applications.

This style needs more frequent revision, which is possible in junior classes when syllabus is less. In this way one may score a good percentage in the junior classes, but in the higher classes and competitions, where syllabus is wide this does not work at all and parents some time do not understand the real problem and blame something else.

There is another way of doing the same task. Understand the basic concepts, approach the subject analytically and you will retain the subject matter leading to good application of it, which further enhances retention. This will need less frequent revision also.

At DISHA we provide all the basic ingredients required to rediscover and uplift the level of natural talent given to a student by God. Every student has a certain kind of natural talent, but he/she needs to set the goals.

Ask any person who is successful in whatever he or she is doing and what motivates him/her, very likely the answer will be "goals". Goal setting is extremely important to motivation and success. One may find it difficult to motivate himself. Motivation that comes from within really makes the difference. Certainly one needs some intelligence, knowledge base, study skill and time management skill, but if one doesn't have motivation, he/she won't get far. Interest is an important motivator for any human being. So is a desire to learn when it comes to motivation.

Knowing is not as important as doing

Wishing the very best association with DISHA CLASSES in the preparation of IIT-JEE followed by a grand success. This year for the first time we are introducing on-line testing for the students& on-line accessibility of their performance.

J.B. Gupta
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